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Cheap Bright Solar Garden Lights

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Although advocates of the Techmar 12v garden lighting system. We do get asked on relatively often basis, “have you got any cheap bright solar garden lights”. Even though there are lights in our 12v plug and play range that are very affordable, we do realise that it is not always practical to use a cabled system. Some of our customers for example, have pathways, streams and even roads running through their property. For this reason after 5 years of only selling the Techmar system, we have finally given in and added solar to our range.

Cheap Bright Solar Lights

Before embarking on our mission to find the best lights available though, we wanted to clarify with as many people as possible what they actually mean’t by cheap bright solar lights. It seems that even though they wanted cheap, they still wanted effective garden lighting. Not just lights that with the best will in the world could only be descibed as decorative.

After spending a fair bit of time and effort trying different brands, we really only found one that we felt was reasonably priced, looked good and gave out a reasonable amount of light for a sustained period.

Silverlight Range

Although we have added solar spotlights, security lights, deck lights and fairy lights. For this blog post we will just concentrate on the silverlight range.


The silverlight range of solar garden lights not only (I think you will agree) looks good, but does actually give you some reasonable light for up to 10hr’s. The range consists of post lights in three sizes.


 The London Mini

The London Mini solar lights, as the image suggests, come in a set of four and are supplied with robust metal spikes rather then cheap plastic ones you may find elsewhere. It is also possible to screw mount these lights onto decking or concrete. This would obviously make them more secure.
Dimensions: 277mm by 61mm (not including spike).

The London

The London solar lights, again as the image above would suggest, are supplied in a pack of two lights. With the same metal spike or screw options as the Mini. The London can be thought of as the mini’s big brother.
Dimensions: 400mm by 78mm (not including spike).


Why is it every time I hear Durham I think of the pink panther (just me then). Anyway I digress, the Durham solar light is the largest solar post and again as the image above image would suggest is supplied as a single light. Due to it size, the Durham can only be screw mounted. Otherwise you would be forever straightening it!
Dimensions: 800mm by 78mm

To finish of this range there is also a wall light, The Canterbury.

Canterbury Wall Light

The Canterbury wall light as you can see has the exact same styling as the other members of the range therefore allowing you to have a consistent look and feel to your garden lighting.
Dimensions: 365mm by 78mm (spacing from wall 67mm)


So there you have it, with the solar post lights all having an rrp of £29.99 and the solar wall light having an rrp of £19.99, I think you will agree we have met the cheap solar garden lighting remit. With everything in the above range coming with a SMD (surface mounted diode) bulb, we also have ticked the bright box.

So if you are looking for solar garden lighting rather then a 12v plug and play system, these lights would give you a satisfactory result. Please note we do sell these lights under rrp (rebels we are) and obviously if you are after a few lights, give us a call on 020 8326 0140 and we will see if we can put a deal together for you.

We will be taking some comparison shots in the new showroom very shortly, just to give you an idea of what the lights look like when compared to a light from the Techmar range. So please check back soon for that.

Click here to view the solar range:

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SMOOZ Rechargeable Lights | Garden Table Lighting

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NEW Rechargeable SMOOZ Lights

As you would expect with it being February, there are many new products coming into the garden light shop warehouse!

While most of the new lighting is part of the excellent Techmar lighting system, there are three new offerings that are a little bit different.

Smooz Rechargeable Lights

Imagine the scene. You have landscaped your garden impeccably, subtly lit it to perfection adding atmosphere and depth. But what do you with your seating areas? While if your seating areas never change it may be convenient to run a 12V solution, many of us like to move our seating around or even store it away at the end of an evening.

This is where the rechargeable smooze lighting range comes into its own. These aesthetically pleasing lights will make any seating area and tables look amazing!

The lights are available in three shapes.


SMOOZ Rechargeable Lights


SMOOZ Rechargeable Lights


SMOOZ Rechargeable Lights

Multi Colour & Multifunction

16 colour will undoublty cover most peoples requirements. Not only can you show these colours statically, the lights also have functions that allow the light to gently fade from one colour into the next. You can even set the speed it changes. Other functions include a flicker like setting which allows the lights to mimic a candle effect.

Long Lasting Battery

In testing the smooze rechargeable lighting range has averaged a battery time of >8 hours which is very respectable. The lights have an average charging time of approx 3 hours (full charge). This will obviously be a lot less if your just topping the charge up. As with any rechargeable item though we do recommend charging them for a bit longer when you initially charge them, a minimum of 4 hours on the first charge should suffice.


These lights will make a great addition to your garden as well as having a plethorer of indoor uses as well. In fact one of the people preordering the egg is going to use it as a night light for his bivvy when he goes fishing!

Your imagination as always, is your only limitaion.


If your reading this before 10th March 2015, chances are that this light will be on preorder in the store. The lights will be shipped on the same day we receive them. If not they will be general sale for next day delivery.



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