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New 12V Low Voltage Garden Lighting

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So whats new in 2017 in the world of 12v low voltage garden lighting?

Well, there have been a few light modifications, a brand new light exclusively available from Garden Light Shop and some new colour lamp options plus a light that has been upgraded. But lets start with whats new.

New 12V Low Voltage Garden Lighting

The only brand new 12V low voltage garden lighting from Techmar in 2017 is The LED Apollo Spotlight. Exclusively available from Garden Light Shop, the Apollo is basically a Focus spotlight but in silver. Many of you will remember the very popular Dominus spotlight that was discontinued at the beginning of last year (although it can be found in online stores that hold very old stock).


New Colour 7W Bulbs (Lamps)

The Apollo is also available with our new 7W colour bulbs available in red, green, blue and amber. These bulbs are a great alternative to the RGB lamps available if you wish to only have a solitary colour rather then the option of changing the colour. The lamps are also available separately or with the Verona (European name for the Focus).

7W Colour Lamps
Apollo + Colour Lamps
Verona + Colour Lamps

The New Halo Low Voltage Wall Light

The new Halo low voltage wall light is exactly the same as the old Halo, but with one very exciting upgrade. The new Halo can be switched between between warm white and white simply by changing a jumper on the reverse of the light between two pins. This means that if you are replacing a Halo, you can do that without fear BUT more importantly if you wanted a Halo but needed it to be warm white to match other lighting. You now can have that option as well.

So that it is about it for our Techmar news. Remember we are always here for any questions you may have and of course we still have our FREE GARDEN CABLE DESIGN service for anyone who needs it.

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Techmar Garden Lighting Showroom

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The Techmar Garden Lighting Showroom Is Now Open

Since our last blog their has been plenty going on at the Garden Light Shop including building the first dedicated Techmar garden light showroom in th UK. Located on the first floor of our warehouse, the showroom is open to anyone wanting to:

  • See demonstrations of how the 12v plug and play Techmar system works.
  • Get help with designing their garden lighting (free cable design service available).
  • See demonstations of the motion sensor and remotes and receiver in action as well as advice on how to set them up in your own garden.
  • See all the Techmar lights available

Our garden lighting showroom is open from Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm)

Our address: Unit 14 The Metro Centre, St Johns Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6NJ

Techmar Garden Lighting Showroom

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No Techmar Discount Code Required

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Techmar Lighting Special Offer

To celebrate the World Cup kicking off tomorrow we have put together some amazing prices on part of our Techmar lighting range. It’s never been more affordable to start of your Techmar garden design with lights priced as low as £10 plus vat!

You Don’t Need A Techmar Discount Code

Our specials range is priced at 60% off so whether you are planning your own garden lighting system, updating, buying for a friend or at these prices, planning to resell them, you can’t find a better deal online. There isn’t a Techmar discount code just simply click on the image above or click to see our specials.

European Packaging

Some of the items in our specials range was initially intended for the European market but we convinced Techmar to allow us to sell them in the UK. Because of this some of the packaging may be different from what your used to but the goods inside are the great Techmar lights we all know and love.

Special Offers Close Sunday

Our specials section finishes Midnight Sunday so don’t miss out visit today…

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