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How to design a garden  Amir Schlezinger

Top pulbished garden designer Amir Schlezinger gives his valuable insights into the aspects he considers when asked “how to design a garden?”.

I first look at the link to the surrounding landscape: skyline, trees, architecture and local context. I then look for creating privacy, shelter from wind sun and rain by looking at the prevailing elements and a compass. Thinking about the sitting arrangements helps in defining a lot of the solutions for the above challenges. Positioning focal point plants helps not only in moving the eye across and creating a dynamic but also in incorporating scale and a link to the surroundings.

In terms of vegetation it is important to use species which are suitable to the site in terms of soil, sun and shade and providing food and a habitat for local fauna. It also serves educational purposes for children and the preservation of heritage in a native context. Because most of my work is in central London and a lot of my clients are foreign I try and create a balance in the plants by balancing native and foreign species. This gives me the opportunity to mix architectural, exotic foliage into more subdued European species.

How To Design A Garden

How To Design A Garden

In regards to surfaces and delineation of level changes I prefer simplicity and directional patterns as I favour a natural progression of ergonomics, ease of use and ease of maintenance. As I predominantly work in small urban spaces it is important to create clear contrasts that give good definition of spaces and provide good detail throughout. Detailing is important to not only add interest in the various layers of a design but also to weave some sort of a narrative into what otherwise can be dull and ordinary spaces – particularly when the weather is unfavourable.

In terms off accompaniments I always look into making sure the space is augmented with pots, sculpture, lighting, heating, cooking facilities, irrigation and the sound of water where desirable as these all add to the natural elements we all seek in an outdoor liveable space. Most of all I tailor those to each individual client – as at the end of the day, each client and each space is different and so each piece of work I am involved in should represent not only my style but also the client’s lifestyle, the site and our mutual love for gardens.

Amir Schlezinger Amir Schlezinger – Courtyard, Patio & Garden Design

After graduating from Middlesex University with a BA Honours in 2000, Amir has gone on to design over 200 projects in London as well as numerous projects around the country.

His well published domestic and corporate portfolio includes city patio, courtyard and larger family gardens. Added to this is his speciality, roof terrace and garden design.

To view more information about Amir and view more of his inspirational designs, visit mylandscapes

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