New Techmar Garden Lighting Coming Soon

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New Year, New Techmar Garden Lighting Models!

2015 has seen Techmar release ten new models to their range.

RGB Colour Changing Garden Ball Lights (Sphere Lights)

The first addition (well actually first three additions) are the Round 30, 40 and 50. These spherical lights come in three sizes ranging from 320mm to 500mm. Each light has similar features to the RGB bulbs that are already available (static, fade, strobe, flash & smooth) and come complete with remote.

Garden Ball Lights
At only 5W many of you that already have the Techmar system will have room on your existing transformers to fit in one or two of these lights while others may have to upgrade.

RGB Colour Changing Oval Lights

The next two lights released are for those amongst us who would prefer our lights more oval then spherical. Boasting the same features as the previous models, the Oval 28 and 35 these too (we think) will be very popular.

Oval 28 & 35

RGB Stone Lights

The next light in the range is actually something we get asked for a lot. In fact the second I saw it I new I wanted one for the small gravel area I have next to patio in my own garden. The Flat 40 strangely has the same features as the previous lights above, although I am pretty sure I won’t be using the colour changing aspect of this light myself, it is a beautiful looking light that would make a feature out of the dullest area of your garden.

Flat 40

The last four lights in the range are two post lights (Arco 40 & 60) which are two black aluminium post lights and the Aurea 3W and Rubum 5W LED deck lights. All four of these will be covered in a future blog post. If you would like to see them now though, visit the pre-order section of the website

I hope you agree with me in thinking the new lights are a great addition to the Techmar range and maybe even find something that you can add to your own garden design. If you have any questions, please post below…

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