New Techmar Garden Lights Website Launched

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New Techmar Garden Lights Website Launched!

Our current Techmar garden lights website although very successful was in need of a overhaul to bring it more upto date. After a couple of months of hard work the time has finally come to launch and the all new garden lights website is live!


Garden Lights Shop New Features

The new garden light shop website has many new features which include:

Mobile & Tablet Ready – The new site is now easy to use on any device
Wishlist – You can now create a wishlist and send it to your friends and family so they know the perfect gift to buy you
Reviews – We now accept reviews on all products throughout the store
Simpler Checkout – Get what you need faster
Garden Light Shop TV – We have added a channel of Techmar’s own videos as well as instructional Techmar videos made by us to help you. Everything from how to plan your garden to how to put your lights together is included, with more to be added soon.

We would love to know what you think of the new site so please if you have time, leave us a comment or drop us an email.

It’s never been easier to install your own 12v plug and play garden lights system so why not take a look at our site and start your design today?

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No Techmar Discount Code Required

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Techmar Lighting Special Offer

To celebrate the World Cup kicking off tomorrow we have put together some amazing prices on part of our Techmar lighting range. It’s never been more affordable to start of your Techmar garden design with lights priced as low as £10 plus vat!

You Don’t Need A Techmar Discount Code

Our specials range is priced at 60% off so whether you are planning your own garden lighting system, updating, buying for a friend or at these prices, planning to resell them, you can’t find a better deal online. There isn’t a Techmar discount code just simply click on the image above or click to see our specials.

European Packaging

Some of the items in our specials range was initially intended for the European market but we convinced Techmar to allow us to sell them in the UK. Because of this some of the packaging may be different from what your used to but the goods inside are the great Techmar lights we all know and love.

Special Offers Close Sunday

Our specials section finishes Midnight Sunday so don’t miss out visit today…

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Flash Sale – Techmar Solaris 12V Halogen Post Light

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Great offer on the 12V Halogen Solaris this time around, less than half price…

Only 4 available so be quick before there gone

As usual, any questions phone us on 020 8568 6711 or email us at

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New Product – Cone Hanging Solar Garden Lights

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Solar Garden Lights – NEW

These new fun hanging solar lights will look great hanging from any small tree or even large shrubs. Why not try hanging several to create an even better effect. A good solid plastic construction and frosted cone ensures the maximum light output.

Solar Garden Lights - Hanging Cones


The cone hanging solar light has a built in rechargeable battery, good quality solar panel and an integrated dusk/dawn sensor, so it will only work through the night in low light conditions.

These solar lights usually sell for £13 – £16 each but for a very limited time only, we are offering garden light shop customers 3 cone lights for less then they would usually pay for 1 !!

NB. This is a solar light and does not plug into the Techmar garden lighting system.

Very limited offer, only whilst stocks last!

Garden Light Shop

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Techmar Versus Luxform Garden Lights

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I am always being asked why we sell Techmar and not the more common Luxform garden lighting system? and if its possible to connect Techmar lights to an existing Luxform system?

Well, I will try to explain the differences between the two systems as I see it.

Techmar & Luxform Use The Same Cabling

Both companies use the same cables on their respective systems. Both use the bigger SPT-3 cable as the backbone to their system due to its larger load capacity (150W).

They also both use the smaller SPT-1 cable which can be used for layouts with lower loading on them as well as the cable on the light fittings themselves.

The SPT-3 cable is approx 10mm x 5mm and the SPT-1 cable is 5mm x 3mm in size and both are an oval shape.

So Whats The Difference Between Them?

The main important difference in my opinion between Techmar and Luxform garden lights is that Techmar offer a true “plug & play” system.

Located along the main cables, at 2mtr spacings is a weatherproof socket with a screw cap to keep the system water tight when not being used. All the Techmar light fittings then plug into this socket and tighten down, again to keep them weather tight.

The Luxform garden light system is like most other 12v systems using a “clamp on connector” on each light fitting that clamps onto the cables wherever you want them to go. To accomplish this it uses two sharp metal spikes to pierce the cable to locate on the two 12v conductors which run through it.

In my experience this works fine for a few years, but can become temperamental long term and cause the light fittings to stop working. At this point you will need to re-position the clamp connector and pierce the cables again in another position. Not very satisfactory.

This is why Techmar devised the plug & socket connection. Sure you are a little bit limited as to where you can connect the lights, but with a good range of extension leads and a generous 2mtr lead supplied with each fitting, this really is not a problem. The peace of mind is knowing that the lights are securely plugged in and weatherproof.



Its Important To Have A System You Can Easily Move!

Having a lighting system that is easy to unplug is also very useful as people often forget that gardens grow and what is the perfect position for your lights today may not be suitable next year!

Techmar Garden Lights Can Be Used With Other Lighting Systems

Techmar market a couple of sockets that were designed to clamp onto other makes of lighting system, including the Luxform garden light system.

The part numbers are 6165011 (SPT-1 cable) and 6166011 for the larger SPT-3 cable.

So if you have another make of 12 volt lighting system in your garden you can use these clamp sockets which will enable you to use some of the great Techmar lights.

Again this unit will pierce the cables with two spikes, but also gives you the valuable socket that the Techmar lights need to plug into. All you need to know is what size cable you have, SPT-1 or SPT-3. Please see image below. All available on


As ever if you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email or by commenting right here at our blog 🙂

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Flash Sale – Techmar Ludeco Alder 12V LED Bundle

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Five of these brilliant bundles have been put together ready for shipping ready for the bank holiday weekend. Everything you need is included, it’s a perfect place to start or give as a gift.

Save 20% on buying the items seperately, first come first served, enjoy.

Price includes delivery

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Design Help ?

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Need help with working out what cables and transformers you need? Why not send us a sketch of your garden showing some light positions and we will advise you on what you need……..

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Bundles on the way

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We have often been asked if we can supply pre-made kits as some of you would like to give the Techmar garden light system as a gift. We of course listened to you and have put together the following bundles.

Albus Post Lighting Bundle

Albus Post Lighting Bundle

There are six bundles available:

Focus spotlight bundle
Laurus post lighting bundle
Astrum deck lighting bundle
Alpha deck lighting bundle
Albus post lighting bundle
Linum post lighting bundle

Each bundle comes in three flavours, bronze, silver and gold. The silver bundle adds the brilliant Techmar timer while the gold adds the Techmar remote and receiver. The bad news is though that these bundles will launch with the new site (which is nearly finished) so you have around 2 weeks to wait.

If you can’t wait that long we have a few bundles ready that can be ordered on 020 8568 6711

Pot plants not included 🙂

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Techmar versus Solar

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Ever wanted to compare Techmar 12v to solar?

There are often people we speak to that can’t undertand why anyone would spend a couple of hundred pounds on installing a 12v plug & play system when they could simply buy 10 solar lights from a well known auction site for £20 – £30?

12V versus Solar Garden lighting

Techmar 12v versus Solar garden lighting

Everyone obviously has the right to have their own opinion BUT to anyone who has ever wondered what a good quality solar light looks like when placed next to on from Techmar’s garden 12v plug & play lighting system?

Wonder no more!

While we are not knocking solar, it is getting better every year, if you want a quality professional garden lighting solution, then in our opinion, the only way to go is 12v.

So hy not head over to

Techmar light used is the Rumex 12v Post Light

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Garden uplights as downlights!

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Garden Uplights

Over the comming weeks we hope to not only give you some great ideas regarding how to light your gardens but hopefully receive some great ideas from you as well!

Our very first contribtuion is using Techmar uplights as downlights

Techmar Graden Uplights

Techmar Garden Uplights

I am sure you will agree it’s a simply stunning effect so why not give it a try?

Garden Light Shop

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