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When it comes to lighting your deck, there are quite a few options in the Techmar range. I thought though that I would write a quick guide to show the difference between four of our favourites. The guide includes the cheapest and the best selling in the range.

Techmar Astrum 12V LED Decking Lights

Techmar Astrum LED Decking Lights

Astrum LED Decking Lights

The Astrum is a two led deck light which is available in white or blue. As you would expect, the more led’s you have, the more light you receive. Therefore Astrum decking lights are better used to define the edge of your decking then as an uplight.

The Astrum is also IP68 rated which means it can be used underwater making it very versatile for other uses other then decking.

The Astrum will be availble in a bundle from us soon, the bundle includes:

  • 6 Techmar 12V Astrum decking lights (uplights)
  • 1 Techmar 22W transformer
  • 1 Techmar 15m mains cable with 6 connectors


The cheapest in the range is a three led deck light from Techmars Ludeco range

Techmar Ludeco Birch 12V LED Decking Lights

Techmar LED Birch Decking Lights

Birch LED Decking Lights

For those of you who don’t know, Ludeco is Techmar’s entry level garden lighting range. Although the Birch is classed as entry level, with its stainless steel face, it looks as good as the other deck lights in the range, whilst at only £10.27 being the cheapest.

It doesn’t have the vesatility of the Astrum being only available in white and only IP44 rated (suited for outdoor use) rather then being IP66 rated like the Astrum.

If your looking for a cost effective solution for your decking though, the Birch could be worth looking at.

Techmar Alpha 12V LED Decking Lights

Techmar Alpha LED Decking Lights

Alpha LED Decking Lights

The Alpha is very similar in many ways to the Astrum, being similar in size and also being IP68 rated (suitable for use underwater). The Alpha deck light though is a 3 led light and comes in white, warm white and blue colour option.

This light, again like the astrum will be available in a bundle which will include:

  • 6 Techmar 12V Alpha decking lights (uplights)
  • 1 Techmar 22W transformer
  • 1 Techmar 15m mains cable with 6 connectors


Techmar Brevus 12V LED Decking Lights

Techmar Brevus LED Decking Lights

Brevus LED Decking Lights

The last decking lights I want to mention in this section are the Brevus 12V led deck lights.

At almost twice the size of the Astrum, Birch and Alpha this 6 led deck light is my personal favourite. The extra led’s do make a difference, making the the Brevus a true uplight rather then just a decking light. This allows the under side of plants and ornaments on your deck to be lit. As with the Astrum and Alpha it is IP68 rated allowing it also to be used under water.

So there you have it, 4 of the 12 or so great deck lights available from Techmar. If you would like more information including the installation manuals, head on over to the garden light shop Decking Lights



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