Techmar LED Floodlights

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15W & 25W Techmar LED Floodlights

These great new additions to the Techmar range are sure to become firm favourites with everyone who uses the techmar system.

They have hundreds of practical uses especially when used with the Techmar 12V Motion Sensor. This allows you to easily be allerted when something enters your garden at night. This is especially useful if like me you suffer visits from the local foxes and you want to know the gardens safe before letting your pet into the garden.

15W Techmar LED Floodlight – 9501011

15W Techmar LED Floodlight

Techmar 15w LED Floodlight

The 15W version as shown lights a reasonably large area of the garden and for under £30 is extremely well priced. The lower powered light is ideal for lighting feature areas of the garden or patio area. At roughly half the price of the 25W, using two 15W to light the same area is a solution some may favour.

25W Techmar LED Floodlight – 9502011

25W Techmar LED Floodlight

Techmar 25w LED Floodlight

The big brother in the range is the 25W techmar led floodlight. As you would expect, the extra power does increase the area of light produced by this excellent little light and therefore lends itself to more practical uses such as lighting up walk ways and side alleys. Personally in my own garden we use it as an excellent light for getting the washing in when you arrive home after dark.

Both Techmar LED Floodlights come with a ground spike as well as having slots allowing the units to be wall mounted.

So there you have it, two excellent additions to the techmar range that I am sure will have you all thinking of great ways to utilise them in your own garden plans. As always if you have any questions, please ask below, phone or email us we are only to happy to help where we can.


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